Vintage B&L Ray-Ban RARE CATS 1000 Ltd Edt Sunglasses
  • Vintage B&L Ray-Ban RARE CATS 1000 Ltd Edt Sunglasses


    Up for sale are these vintage B&L Ray-Ban CATS 1000 sunglasses.

    They are the transparent blue frame variant with glass G15 grey green lenses.


    Released in the mid to late 1990s these are called RARE CATS. Only released in the South Asia region. Very rare and very hard to find.

    Approx. 145mm wide from hinge to hinge. Markings present, which includes Ray-Ban logo to one temple and the CATS logo on the other temple.


    The frame is in great working and aesthetic condition.

    The 56mm sized lenses are etched at the hinge point position and are in super condition. Also present is white cursive signature located on the left lens. Both lenses are virtually free from marks. Any marks present are light and insignificant, not affectign vision in any way, shape or form.

    An excellent example for both end user and collector.

    • Please check all photos and descriptions before purchasing. If unsure please contact us.

      # All sunglasses cleaned & serviced where required.
      # Temples & nose pads may require additional adjustment at your local opticians to fit you

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