• Vintage B&L Ray-Ban Ambermatic Large Metal 2 62mmSunglasses


    Up for sale are these pair of Large Metal 2 Aviator sunglasses with Ambermatic lenses.


    Ambermatic lenses are one of Ray-Ban's premiere lenses for fast action sports like skiing or tennis. On overcast, murky days they are lightly tinted and amber coloured to cut through haze and enhance vision.


    On bright warm days they darken and change tosunglass brown to block glare. On bright cold days they change to dark grey/brown for superior protection against direct and reflected glare.


    They are the Arista gold frame variant with glass changeable Ambermatic orange lenses and transparent BL etched nose pads.


    Approx. 148mm wide from hinge to hinge.


    Markings present, which includes stamps to top of the brow bar. The frame is in super condition. The temples are straight and true.


    The 62mm sized lenses are etched at the standard hinge point position and are in overall excellent condition. There are light marks on both lenses. However, none affect vision in any way, shape or form.


    The lenses being changeable will darken and lighten dependent on the light it is exposed to with 35% to 84.5% light absorption. Comes with original case.


    An excellent example for both end user and collector.

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