Prada Sport Linea Rossa (Red Line) Waist Crossbody Bag
  • Prada Sport Linea Rossa (Red Line) Waist Crossbody Bag


    A beautiful vintage Prada Sport Red Line waist bag which can also be used as a crossbody bag or as a carry bag.


    This is an original Linea Rossa from the late 90's, early noughties, in absolute fantastic condition.


    Made of nylon with a dark olive green colour it has 5 compartments to store, carry handle and waist strap. On the sides of the bag and end of the waist strap consists of velcroed, high-vis strapped banding. To the front of the bag is fashioned by a rubber type material with the Prada red line logo subtly stitched above.


    Hardware inside and out is indicative of Prada branding throughout. Zips stamped Lampo and come in the same colour as the main bag colour.


    As an added bonus you will also get the original carrier bag that came with it back in the 90s.


    This is a rare bag which you will unlikely to find again and in such super condition from the very short 5 year original era of the Prada Sport line in the 90s/00s.

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