A new way of seeing the lights

The Ray-Ban Driving Series with ChroMax Color Contrast


Tooling down the highway is when you need sunglasses most; four laners are filled with driving hazards. Visual noise - the reflected glare of the sunlight - can strike a driver's eyes, impairing your vision and making you a hazard to others car exhaust, dust and moisture off roadways can blur vision while driving.

But not to worry: Ray-Ban sunglasses rallies to the cause with the new Driving Series with ChroMax Color Contrast Technology, B-20 ChroMax AR-XLT driving lenses use a technology that increases the relative intensity and contrast of critical driving colors. Traffic signals, brake lights and signs appear brighter and easier to see. Their primary colors - red, yellow, and green, seem to pop.

The use of neodymium, a rear earth element, selectively filters light from the driving environment to improve visual contrast and sharpen details. The AR in the name stands for the anti-reflective coating on the back of the lens that reduces glare. The XLT in the name stands for "extra lightweight lens", for extra comfortable wear. Soft plastic nosepads keep em from slipping down your nose, no matter how much you sweat it out behind the wheel.

Like all Ray-Ban sunglasses, the Driving Series is 100% UV protective. This is some of the most innovative technology to hit the driving industry since the air-bag.

Ray-Ban SUN Magazine - 1994

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