Vintage Ray-Ban Lenses


G-15 Grey & G-15 XLT Lenses

The most popular general-purpose Ray-Ban lenses. Uniform absorption of colours throughout the spectrum allows colours to be seen exactly as they are. (85% light absorption). XLT lenses are 14% lighter in weight than traditional glass lenses. Optical clarity and distortion-free vision blend with lightweight comfort. (85% light absorption)

B-15 Brown Lenses

Filtering out a large percentage of blue light to sharpen details while cutting glare. Enhanced contrast improves vision under a variety of light conditions. (85% light absorption)

G-15 Mirrored Lenses

Offering a choice of mirrored coatings on the popular G-15 lens. Blue Mirror, Gold Mirror, Silver Mirror. Creates an attractive mirror look. These lenses also offer the neutrality and natural vision qualities of the G-15 base lens. (85% lens absorption)

B-20 ChroMax Lenses

Combining ChroMax Colour Contrast Technology with the rare earth element Neodymium to selectively filter light and increase the relative intensity and contrast of critical driving colours (reds, greens and ambers). Improved visual contrast and sharper details make traffic signals, brake lights and signs appear brighter and easier to see, while glare is controlled. An advanced anti-reflective coating significantly cuts rear surface reflectionsfrom above and behind. (80% light absorption)

G-20 ChroMax Lenses

Using colour contrast enhancement technology to provide sharp, clear perception of details and improved reception of key outdoor colours. Accurate depth perception, superior scratch resistance and an anti-reflective coating make the G-20 ChroMax an ideal lens for a variety of sports. (80% light absorption)

Ace Lenses

Revolutionary lenses made exclusively for Bausch & Lomb using patented Amethyst Colour Enhancement technology. By enhancing critical outdoor shades of amber, red, and green. ACE lenses help golfers see fairway contours, read greens and maintain depth perception.

Glass Polarised Lenses

Eliminating polarised reflections to enhance vision during high-glare outdoor sports such as skiing, sailing and fishing. These neutral grey glass lenses ensure accurate colour perception and superior scratch resistance. (99.9% polarising efficiency, 83% light absorption)

RB-50 Lenses

Photochromic and adjust their density (darkness) according to light and temperature conditions and are therefore excellent for winter sports. They block a greater percentage of blue light throughout their absorption range to improve contrast (80%-95% light absorption)

G-31 Full Mirror Lenses

Ideal for high-glare conditions and snow field sports. Their extra dense mirrored coating controls strong reflected glare. (92% light absorption)

Ambermatic Lenses

Change from light amber/brown on overcast days to dark grey/brown under bright skies. These unique changeable lenses adjust both colour and density to provide contrast enhancement under all conditions. (25%-85% light absorption)

Kalichrome Lenses

Light yellow speciality lenses ideal for shooters, skiers, boaters and fliers. They effectively block blue light for clearer, sharper vision in haze and overcast conditions. (Kalichrome lenses are not appropriate as general purpose sun lenses because they pass too much light for sunglass protection.

The DiamondHard

Scratch-Protection System is an exclusive lens surfacing technology from Bausch & Lomb. This permanently bonded, amorphous diamond surface coating, offered in the Ray-Ban Survivors Collection, provides ten times more scratch resistance than ordinary glass.

RB-2 & RB-3 Green Lenses

Having a light absorption curve that resembles the colour sensitivity curve of the eye. Cuts deeply into all other unneeded (glare) wavelengths and blocks infrared and ultraviolet for good seeing with scientific protection. Maximum useful light reaches the eye for top visual acuity. (75% light absorption: RB-3)

Changeable Lenses

Available in grey, green, brown, blue, rose, olive and beige, adjusting their depth of colour for comfortable vision in any light. Outdoors they quickly and automatically darken to check glare. Indoors, the lenses fade to a light, appealing tint for versatile fashion wear.

Ray-Ban Sports Equipment

Ray-Ban Sports Equipment collections use high quality materials with a performance to match the best in any sports. Ray-Ban Xrays sunglasses are state-of-the-art sunglasses designed specifically for active sports. Xrays polycarbonate (plastic) lens sunglasses are available in a variety of coatings and lens colours to meet the specific needs of serious sports enthusiasts. Delivering superior optics and unrestricted areas of high visual definition, which allow the broad, natural eye movement needed for fast action sports.

Blue Polysphere

Full mirrored lens. A six-layer coating gives the lens a rich blue iridescent colour. Ideal for high glare conditions

Green Polysphere

General purpose active sports lens. With 'Water Clear' coating making the lens as scratch resistance as glass.

Amber Polysphere

Special purpose lens for low or flat light conditions. It filters out a high percentage of haze-causing blue light.

Brown Chromax Polysphere

First polycarbonate lens to use this colour enhancing technology, which enhances critical outdoor colours, making reds, greens and ambers appear brighter and easier to see.

Silver Polysphere

Offering an alternative colouration in a full mirrored lens. A two-layer chrome coating establishes an extra barrier to glare.