IPP - Instalment Plan Payments

What is Instalment Plan Payments?

Instalment Plan Payments (IPP) is a feature offered by BLRayBanUK. It allows a buyer to authorise BLRayBanUK to automatically charge a payment method through the buyers PayPal/Credit/Debit account.

Instalment Plan Payments are payments that occur at regular or predetermined intervals over a specified time period. It is one type of Automatic Payment.

Who is eligible?

All customers shopping at BLRayBanUK have the option to purchase via IPP if the item qualifies.

IPP is not a credit agreement. It is an option to make qualifying items more affordable, therefore, splitting the total into smaller, more affordable amounts, over a set period of time.

 Terms & Conditions

These terms exist in partnership with our main Terms & Conditions and do not act independently.

a) All buyers looking to use IPP must have a Paypal/Credit/Debit account.

b) The total cost of the item must be paid for in full before the item is shipped.

c) All recurring payments will be charged on the same date as the 1st payment. For eg, if your 1st payment was made on the 25th, your 2nd payment will be due on the 25th, your 3rd payment will also be due on the 25th and so on.

d) You (Buyer) can cancel the IPP at any time. You will receive a refund of any monies paid minus a 15% admin fee.

e) If payment is not made for any reason, BLRayBanUK reserves the right to relist the item and cancel your plan. Any non-payment will incur a 15% admin fee of any monies already paid and the remaining will be refunded.

f) No breaks of payment will be permitted. Any IPP agreement will be completed in consecutive months.

g) BLRayBanUK reserves the right to update or add to these terms as and when required.